Time machine

This is my very first post and I am SO EXCITED because now I am a blogger just like my Mommy.  I am pretty sure that I will have way more followers than her but I don’t think she will be too jealous.  Do any of you know what a time machine is?  I’m still not sure because I’m only 3 and I don’t understand the concept of time travel.  Anyway, this first post is going back in time.  It is one of my (and my godmother Mary’s) favorite videos.  I was going to the farmer’s market and the flea market with my family a few months ago, and I was really excited.  The flea market is one of my favorite places in the world, because Mommy buys me cheddar popcorn and I get to do some serious people watching. Have you been to a flea market lately?  Wow, the people there are weirdos.  But this one lady gives me a ring pop whenever Mommy buys something at her store, which is like every time we go.  And I got a puzzle for 50 cents one time.  Super cool.  Getting back to the video… I was telling Mommy and Daddy about all the stuff that I was going to get at the flea market and farmer’s market that morning.  Did I mention that I am THE BOSS?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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