Free tickles

Did you know I have a little brother?

When he was born, I just wanted him to go back in my Mommy’s belly so that I could continue to get all the attention and toys. But now I really like my brother. I like him so much that I can’t wait to wake him up first thing in the morning. This makes Mommy and Daddy very frustrated. Why? You ask. Because my brother hates to be woken unless he has had at least 14 hours of sleep. He is also very hungry when he wakes up, so he screams until you feed him (hmmmm, sounds like someone I know whose name rhymes with Tommy). His roaring makes my ears hurt, so it’s best if he stays asleep until 30 seconds before it’s time to leave for school.

I also love to tickle my brother. I didn’t know how much fun it would be to have my own personal laughing machine!

Isn’t his laugh the cutest? I better watch out though, because if he returns the favor in a few years, he might maul me with his giant meat paws!

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