Bellies and babies

Last night, Mommy and I had a discussion about babies. I wanted to know how they come out of mommies’ bellies. I am pretty sure babies come out of belly buttons. Mommy told me that is not the case. You do NOT want to know how they get out. Let’s just say, I don’t ever want to be a doctor. Or a mommy.

There are other things in our bellies too. The conversation Mommy and I had last night reminded me of one we had before my brother was born.

Mommy: What’s in my belly?
Me: Baby Jude
Mommy: That’s right. What’s in your belly?
Me: Pasta… and poop!

I have no idea how babies fit in bellies along with the food and “other stuff.” Guess that’s why kids don’t have babies. Our bellies aren’t big enough.

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