Today my mommy went to a wedding shower. I asked if she was going to take an umbrella, but she said “no silly” so I guess she got wet.

Mommy wore a dress with only one sleeve to the shower. So we had this conversation…

Me: Mommy, you look like an Indian.
Mommy: Why?
Me: Because you only have one sleeve.
Mommy: Ok.
Me: Why did you dress up like Pocahantas?

While Mommy was at the shower, I played with my second cousins. I have three cousins on my Daddy’s side, so I don’t know why these are my second cousins. I think they are my fourth and fifth. Anyway, they are Korean and don’t really speak English. We had fun anyway. Afterwards, Mommy asked if I had a good time.

Mommy: What did you guys do?
Me: We played.
Mommy: What did you play?
Me: Princesses. And poker.
Mommy: You played poker?
Me: Yes. And backgammon.

I hope you all have a nice weekend. If you go out in any showers, make sure you take an umbrella!

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