Tonight, Mommy and I watched an old classic called National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I was expecting a Santa appearance, but Mommy told me that Santa was in the North Pole making a list of who has been good and bad.

I was wondering what things would put you on the good list (lots of presents) and what gets you stuck on the bad list. Here is what I came up with:


Eating your veggies
Not peeing your clothes
Going to bed when you are supposed to
Not taking your brother’s toys


Pulling off peoples’ eyebrows
Pulling peoples’ teeth
Poking peoples’ butts
Eating stickers
Licking your friends

After this conversation, Mommy wondered what kind of fight club is going on at daycare, such that “pulling off peoples’ eyebrows” would even pop up on my radar. All I know is this- I am going to have to cut stickers out of my diet because I want to get some awesome presents this year.



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