My birthday is tomorrow!

Well people, my birthday is coming up soon. I am turning 4, which is a REALLY big deal. This is because I will get to go to kindergarten when I am 5. Also, everyone who turns 4 gets to go to Disney World.

I am going to Disney World for the first time with my Mommy, Daddy, and my Mommy’s parents (you remember, my hal muh nee who looks like Kim Jong Il). My brother is not coming. Do you know why? Because Mickey Mouse has very strict rules. Here is a sampling:

1) no babies
2) no pooping dogs (but apparently dogs who don’t poop are allowed on the premises
3) you have to dress up like a princess, unless you are a daddy
4) don’t say bad words
5) you have to buy stuff when you are there

I will get to stay in a hotel and ride on an airplane for the first time. I am super excited because someone makes your bed for you every day. Also, you can go to sleep whenever you want on vacation, and you can drink $6 apple juice at the airport and at Disneyworld. I bet it tastes really good because it is so expensive.

I am literally counting down the days until tomorrow, which is when we go to Disneyworld. What’s that you say? We aren’t leaving for 95 days? So that’s this Saturday or Sunday? I have no concept of time.


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