Every month my mommy gets a pink box in the mail, and it has stuff that smells good, makeup, and lotions inside. Sometimes Mommy lets me try it out. The other day the pink box came and there was some Chapstick (seriously, you pay $10 a month for Chapstick Mommy?) and a bunch of other grownup stuff I could not use. For instance, there was something called “skin perfecting wrinkle correction serum.” I asked Mommy about this serum.

Me: Mommy, can I try the syrup?
Mommy: It’s called serum.
Me: Ok. Can I try the serum?
Mommy: No, it’s for mommies.
Me: So I can use it when I’m old, like you?
Mommy: Yes. Older. I’m not old.
Me: And when I have wrinkles, like you?



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