Sibling swap

Mommy and Daddy are having a new baby in the spring. I kept telling people I am going to have a new sister, but Mommy told me that it could be a brother and we won’t know for several more weeks. I don’t understand how they don’t already have this information, and why they can’t choose whether it will be a girl or boy.

Mommy: Now Elle, you might be having a brother.
Me: No- sister.
Mommy: But it could be a brother.
Me: But I have a brother. I want a sister.
Mommy: What if it is a boy?
Me: Then we can give away Jude (my brother)

Apparently Mommy thought this was funny. I don’t think it’s so unreasonable. The way I see it, by the time this baby comes around, I will have had a good 22 months with my brother. He sleeps most of the time anyway, and he tries to play with all my stuff when he is awake. If we trade him in, we will end up with a brand new baby brother AND sister! They will just be cute, and I can dress them up and pretend they are dolls. Plus, it will be at least another year before they try to mess with my stuff, at which point I will mandate that another child be born and the toddlers can be switched out. Mommy doesn’t like this idea. She kind of likes Jude, and said that having two babies at once would be too much work for her. Plus, she mentioned something up “closing up shop.” Whatever!



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