I have a little dreidel I made it out of clay

Is that how you spell dreidel? One of my friend at school celebrates Hanukkah because she is Jewish. I have no idea what any of that means. All I know is that my Jewish friends and I play together, we speak the same language and go to the same school. So why do they get eight presents from last Thursday to this Thursday? And why do they get to eat delicious potato pancakes? I love potatoes AND pancakes, but I don’t get to have those on Christmas. And what do they do on Christmas when I am opening up a BARBIE DREAM HOUSE FROM SANTA (hint hint)?

I told Mommy that I want to be Jewish like my friend, who is bringing in all her awesome presents for show and share. I didn’t get anything awesome over Thanksgiving break, except for some socks and stickers. And a bad tummy ache.

Mommy she told me that being Jewish or being Christian or being Buddhist or Muslim means a lot more than just presents and holidays and who decorates their house in December. Then I asked her what Buddhist and Muslim means. Oy.

So, I am cool with being me and getting presents on Christmas. I guess I will just spend the rest of my life looking longingly at the many awesome toys my Jewish friends get every Hanukkah.


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