Dear Santa

Christmas is only 16 days away, so I hope Santa has the internet. Otherwise, I don’t know if the post office can get a letter to him in time. Plus, I don’t know how to write, so he wouldn’t understand it anyway. Here goes…

Dear Santa,

Here are some things on my wish list – there’s a lot on here because I have been really good. For instance, I have been eating my veggies, not tickling my brother to the point that he cries, and I have been letting Mommy brush my hair.

Things that I want need:

An Annabelle doll house (made by Kidkraft, available at Walmart and Target in case you run out)

Every bit of Disney Frozen paraphernalia known to mankind. I saw the movie last week and it’s all I can think about.

A Barbie dreamhouse. Plus Barbie, Skipper, Summer, Theresa, Nicky, Chelsea, Stacy, Midge, Ken, Racquelle, and all of Barbie’s pets (Taffy, Blissa, and that other one). And a pink convertible.

Roller skates

Roller blades

An Escalade or pink car that I can drive and Jude can ride shotgun in

An iPad

A leap frog leap pad 2 power (Doc McStuffins or Barbie edition)

I think that’s it…

Santa, would you also get my brother a banana and some more pacifiers? He loses them a lot and I don’t like hearing him cry.

My mommy needs new pants and shirts because her tummy is getting really big and her clothes look too small.

Mommy and Daddy were laughing about some new underwear they heard about on the news. Santa, will you bring Daddy the dogs some of these underwear? I already told him them you would, so it won’t be much of a surprise but that’s ok, old people dogs don’t like surprises that much.

Thanks, can’t wait to see what’s under the tree on Christmas morning!



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